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Yukon Airways

In Yukon Airways, players will be at the controls of your very own seaplane with the mission of transporting travelers to the different points of the Yukon. Players embark their passengers using a draft system and Ticket Cards to take them to the different locations on the map.

For each passenger, players will earn money and the possibility of improving their planes if the passengers find a point of interest that satisfies their tastes at the destination. At the end of the game, players earn extra money according to the different locations they have visited.

The player who has earned the most money at the end of the week will be the winner!

1-4 players
Ages 14+
45 minute play time

1 Main Board
4 Personal Boards
15 Dice
4 Player Markers
4 Seaplanes
72 Ticket Cards
9 Objective Cards
4 Seaplane Cards
4 Player Aids
60 Money Tokens
1 Black Round Marker
80 Cubes
24 Needles (for the Dials)
28 Switch Tokens
1 Rulebook

Yukon Airways

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