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Who's Counting

No kid becomes great at math without practice, and Who's Counting is the fun alternative to worksheets and flashcards that parents and kids alike love to play. Teachers will celebrate the marked improvement in students' knowledge of math facts that accompanies every exciting round of this equation-making card game. Who's Counting is designed to reinforce math skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Players create expressions to earn points and strategically play cards such as Double Points or Steal to decrease an opponent's score or increase their own. Watch out, though, an encounter with the Green Goo could be disastrous! Players of all ages and abilities can enjoy the game together- thanks to "Who's Counting's" unique combination of equation-making and strategy, not even the family math whiz has an advantage! Teachers love the game because they can tailor it to fit a wide range of lessons and ability levels by adding or removing operators from the deck.

Who's Counting

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