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In the world of Treelings, construction is well and truly underway in preparation for the annual firefly festival! Beautiful, glowing swarms of fireflies may be released only from the highest towering platforms in the city during the upcoming summer solstice. Six different guilds reside in the city, and they will do everything possible to build their own tree as high as possible in each district.

On a turn, a player takes all the cards of one color from the market or one card of each color that appears only once in the market; they then add these cards to their collection. Afterwards they refill the market.

At the end of the game, the players look at each column of cards in their collection and compare the number of cards in it to the number of cards in the columns to the left and right. For the columns on the outer edge, they compare their height to the height of their neighbor‘s closest column.

For each column, if it‘s at least as tall as each column adjacent to it, they score points equal to the number of cards in that column.

2-5 players
Ages 8+
10-20 minute play time

120 cards


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