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Mind Up Kenko Care Toothbrush - Micro Head

Made by Mind Up, Made in JAPAN


Micro Head - Specially designed mini sized bristle targeted for ultra-small breeds. Best for 6lbs and below for daily brushing. 15 degree angle bend specially designed to fit your dog's mouth shape for better handling when brushing


Cylinder Head - Make your brushing easier as the multi-angle brush reaches teeth surface without hassle. Specially designed micro thin bristles cleans thoroughly and gently


Thumb & Finger - Specially designed to allow using thumb and index finger at the same time to removing plaque and food debris and be able to reach areas that are normally hard to reach. Also best choice as a starter to introduce teeth brushing experience


Round Head - This is a detachble tooth brush. You can replace the toothbrush head as needed. This toothbrush set also comes with an extra replacement toothbrush head. 

Mind Up Kenko Care Toothbrush - Micro Head

SKU: 4947651906045
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