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Funrarity was established in 2014 with passion and creativity. No doubt that we want to make profits. Making profits are fun, especially making good profits (how excited!) but what about the consumers (yes, that’s you)? We want you to enjoy it too! Grocery provides people’s daily needs. Clothes give stylish and personality. Cars commute and, for some people, accomplish dreams. Housing builds home and shelter. Education makes people grow.


We don’t provide any of the above here... WE, deliver JOY. Now, you are here! We want you to have FUN. If you don’t want to have fun, then this is not a right place for you. We carry a wide variety of fun and exclusive products. Board games, card games, miniature, action figures, anime toys... and many more. We sell board/ card games because we love playing them. We sell rare and exclusive figures because we collect them. Our office is full of games and figures, so should yours (or maybe not in the office but home).


We are proud to sell with conscience. All products will be carefully picked and packed. Fast and secure shipping methods will be used. Refund is guaranteed if our service does not meet your expectation. Funrarity surely is your best choice of shopping board games, toys, and exclusive figures!


We hope you find our products enjoyable and exciting. Remember that you are only here because you want to have a little bit more of fun. Now go, explore our website, shop around and have your money ready (ha!).


Stop expanding your dreams; start living it now.

There is no limit in the space; so shouldn’t yours.

-- Funrarity.

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